Halloween Ends [4K Ultra HD] [2022] [Blu-ray] [2023] [Region Free]

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Halloween Ends [4K Ultra HD] [2022] [Blu-ray] [2023] [Region Free]

Halloween Ends [4K Ultra HD] [2022] [Blu-ray] [2023] [Region Free]

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David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s final trip to Haddonfield brilliantly explores the trauma of a town coping with tragedy at the exact wrong time in a trilogy. Aiming to tie in with the original films to some degree, its source wasn’t used to capture the blisteringly sharp lines modern cameras are capable of. Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis , Andi Matichak , James Jude Courtney , Rohan Campbell , Will Patton , Jesse C.

As far as the film itself goes, on one hand I admire “Halloween Ends “for taking a chance and changing up the classic Michael Myers formula. Yet despite a handful of well executed thrill kill scenes (the opening baby-sitting accident is the best scene in the entire film and shows that Gordon Green can do when he puts his mind to it), the overarching narrative of Halloween Ends is not just a confusing mess (unlike the previous two films, the link between theme, narrative and character here is muddied from the get go – character motivations baffle, dialogue exchanges seem to about face in their meaning mid-sentence and even the simple story arc of key characters are puzzlingly obtuse) but it annoyingly pivots away from the end of … Kills completely (Myers is now a homeless man who can barely stand, not the mythic, invulnerable embodiment of evil he ended the last film as), almost jettisoning Myers wholly from its storyline, replacing him with a new character with no heritage at all and ultimately robbing the audience of the prime reason for this film to even exist. Once again, it feels that the thematic density and richness of its creators totally overpowered the slasher narrative and conceit and shows at best, a gross misunderstanding of the fanbase almost completely, whilst at worse, a wilful snubbing of them with a condescending ‘we know better’.Notorious serial killer Michael Myers (Nick Castle) hasn't been seen for four years since the events of 'Halloween Kills' (2021) and Laurie Strode (Curtis) is striving to embrace a life free from the long shadow of his violent rampages. In the past 10 years at Why So Blu, Brandon has amassed over 1,500 reviews of 4K, Blu-ray and DVD titles. which may have been the point but was mishandled IMHO) and some weak linkages back to the previous film (seems like suddenly Haddonfield remembered Myers when the night/film before not so much. It helps fill the soundscape without overpowering the elements while also punching up the LFE with those low pulsing tones.

As Corey gets most of the screen time, this leads the film to an unexcitingly bland final showdown between iconic final girl Jamie Lee Curtis and The Shape. Four years after her last encounter with masked killer Michael Myers, Laurie Strode is living with her granddaughter and trying to finish her memoir. Four years after the events of last year's Halloween Kills, Laurie is living with her granddaughter Allyson and is finishing writing her memoir. Having watched 2018 and Kills prior to this, I think that those two form a decent two parter (the flashback starting Kills is superb and I admire the sheer chaos of it once MM starts up). If we'd gotten to know Corey earlier, the focus on him could have meant more, but as a late-in-the-game pinch-hitter killer, he misses the ball.Carpenter should get back with his special effects crew from 1982 The Thing and make a Dead Space movie or something. When the local murder of a young boy by his babysitter (Rohan Campbell) is framed by the media as a copycat killing in the style of Myers, it instigates a re-emergence of violence which convinces Laurie to confront Myers and end things once and for all. Whatever your thoughts on Halloween Kills, it ended on an intriguing cliff-hanger – hinting at an evolution of evil, of how it had evolved past simply inhabiting the soul of a single man and now had been somehow released, alongside Myers’ own mortality and it promised much in terms of the final showdown with Laurie Strode as a result. All of which was promised alongside paying loving homage to John Carpenter’s original and providing fans with what they REALLY wanted – a good, old fashioned slasher movie, with a body count and bloodletting to match. David Gordon Green and Danny McBride are just the latest in a long line of filmmakers to take a stab at the franchise with a seemingly fresh take that ultimately doesn't go anywhere.

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