Fingerprints Of The Gods: The International Bestseller From the Creator of Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse’.

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Fingerprints Of The Gods: The International Bestseller From the Creator of Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse’.

Fingerprints Of The Gods: The International Bestseller From the Creator of Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse’.

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Hancock believes that myths are not necessarily created by unsophisticated society trying to understand the world from a primitive point of view, but rather a historical record occurring in many parts of the world that have a similar storyline. E. Naville, ‘Excavations at Abydos: The Great Pool and the Tomb of Osiris’, Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, volume I, 1914, p. But it could also mean ‘We lived 30,240 years before your time’, that is those two ‘months’ plus the full previous precessional cycle of 25,920 years.

The secret of what happened was never entirely forgotten because a record of those distant First Times was preserved, until the coming of the Spaniards, in the sacred texts of the original Popol Vuh. But I am also aware that such ‘scoffers in the last days’ are those who for one reason or another are deaf to the testimony of our forgotten ancestors. Nevertheless – if there were sufficient advance warning – steps would be taken to ensure that there would be some survivors and that some of what was most valuable in our high scientific knowledge would be preserved for the benefit of future generations. Crowns similar to these in many respects had been important parts of the wardrobe of all the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, at least on the evidence of reliefs depicting them.Von Däniken suggested that it provides evidence of an extraterrestrial civilisation, whereas Hancock does not argue for " ancient astronauts"; [3] he proposes Atlantis as the origin of a lost civilisation. Since I have learned to respect those long-forgotten and still only hazily identified Newtons and Shakespeares and Einsteins of the last Ice Age, I think it would be foolish to disregard what they seem to be saying.

There followed a long exchange in Hopi, then this translation: ‘He said that when he was a child, in the 1900s, there was a star that exploded – a star that had been up there in the sky for a long while … And he went to his grandfather and asked him to explain the meaning of this sign. But if it’s true, then it can significantly change the course of history and our understanding of our civilisation, not to mention what they are trying to tell us so that we can be more prepared for the future. Tiwanaku was a planned city which, according to UNESCO, reached its peak between 400 AD and 900 AD, [5] but is assigned an earlier date by Hancock.that the three principal pyramids are indeed laid out in relation to the Nile Valley to mimic the precise dispositions of the three stars of Orion’s Belt in relation to the course of the Milky Way in 1O,450 BC. Confusingly, however, we also know that the Great Pyramid incorporates star shafts ‘locked in’ to Orion’s Belt and Sirius at around 2450 BC. As Naville observed, the Osireion’s similarity to the Valley Temple at Giza ‘showed it to be of the same epoch when building was made with enormous stones’. Biography: Graham Hancock is the author of the major international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods and Heaven's Mirror. We’d want, for example, to tell them – those distant grandchildren of ours – when we had lived in relation to their time.

Our children will be aware of this too, without experiencing it directly, and they will pass it on to their children. From the predictability of this motion it follows that if we can find a way to declare: WE LIVED WHEN THE VERNAL EQUINOX WAS IN THE CONSTELLATION OF PISCES we will provide a means of specifying our epoch to within a single 2160-year period in every grand precessional cycle of 25,920 years. In the four sides of the enclosure walls are cells, 17 in number, of the height of a man and without ornamentation of any kind. Hovering among the motes of dust dancing in those beams, and infiltrating the heavy stillness of the air amid the great columns that held up the roof of the Hypostyle Hall, it was easy to imagine that the spirit-form of Osiris could still be present.This is of course a separation from the generally agreed narrative by archeologists, where the academic consensus believe civilisation was first developed in the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East, in Mesopotamia. The boats were buried in the shadow of a gigantic mud-brick enclosure, thought to have been the mortuary temple of a Second Dynasty pharaoh named Khasekhemwy, who had ruled Egypt in the twenty-seventh century BC. Literaly motifs, like the carvings they have in the temples that shows similar stories, such as the serpents from the sky.

Could an experienced race of ancient seafarers have become involved with the indigenous inhabitants of the Nile Valley at some indeterminate period before the official beginning of history at around 3000 BC?

Is it possible that the constant references in archaic literatures to something like aviation could be valid historical testimony concerning the achievements of a forgotten and remote technological age? Alternatively we could do as the builders of the Giza pyramids appear to have done and lay out our monuments in a pattern on the ground reflecting exactly the pattern of the stars in the sky in our time.

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