The CAP Clinic: Baby Training For All: An ABDL/Hypnosis Story

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The CAP Clinic: Baby Training For All: An ABDL/Hypnosis Story

The CAP Clinic: Baby Training For All: An ABDL/Hypnosis Story

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Within a day of trying the hypnosis recordings his wife (Yolanda) claims will stop him smoking, miserly husband Larry is wetting his pants and submitting to Yolanda's every whim - including handing over his credit card. I didn't get a seat, instead I was in mommys lap, sucking my pacie, trying to hide my face from yet another new person. I threw the jeans away from me, sat on the floor and got ready to snap my fingers to bring my step mom Sarah, out of trance.

As a Hypno-Mommy I am all about encouraging you to uncover your hidden little side and feeling safe with Mommy. And this time it was even more urgent that he wake up early, today was the first day of his final exams for this semester of college. Hmmm so it seems she's acknowledging that I've been going through hard times, so that seems to be locked in, and she's treating me like a baby, so that seems locked in too.

Be forewarned, Empty Bladders really do Make Girls Happy(should work fine for feminized men and transgender as well). Once that decision is made you will find yourself saying "I don't want to wear nap time diapers" at which point you will be forced into them and to use them. We headed downstairs and some of my ABDL things I could see had already been moved out of my room and into the kitchen, as I could see the big bottle of milk beside what looked to be a plate of scrambled eggs and the big bib sitting on the kitchen chair, my favourite one that said "Mommy's messy eater" on it. She mumbled as she stepped away from the breakfast she was making and marched to his room down the hall.

After breakfast she did her best to clean up my face and hands before we headed back upstairs to get a diaper change and get dressed for the day. The ratings/reviews displayed here may not be representative of every listing on this page, or of every review for these listings. I think I might try to delay the next chapter a bit since I've been releasing one every 24 hours or so, but ahhhh I'm a sucker for comments and nice words enjoy and let me know what you think! She did amazingly, always with sound effects, whether it was a race car pulling in for a pit stop, a plane landing in the hangar or a choo choo train pulling into the station. Heck I even messed my diaper without hesitation the same day and I only used the urinary incontinence files!My method of dropping you into a deep hypnotic trance generally includes pyramiding two or three inductions followed by one or two deepeners. We left and started walking down the hall, well Sarah walked, I was just a passive infant along for the ride. Titled "baby's first boom boom at Auntie Sam's" Well I'm glad you got it out now sweetie, we really didn't need that yuck yuck while we eat eh? If your dominant forces you to dress as an adolescent girl then if you resist you will find yourself regressing and losing bladder control, the more you resist the more infantile you become with diapers becoming mandatory should you continue to misbehave. Well everything looks good down there, if a little smaller than usual, no rashes either Sarah, so you've been doing a great job changing him.

I'm so glad I was sucking on my pacifier at the time, cause if not, my jaw would have hit the floor, this woman was GORGEOUS! Haven’t you heard of the stories of moms summoning the strength to lift cars off their babies trapped underneath? We gotta get up and get moving baby, we have an appointment in an hour and a half with mommys doctor, so we gotta boogie. She was quick and efficient with this change, this time going with an ABU Alphagator diaper, so thick and babyish.Also it’s been awhile since I wrote all these chapters, but I don’t know if I actually wrote what they looked like or their level of strength, I remember being vague about the descriptions other than age or beauty. Hmmm need some powder, wipes, bottle, an extra pacie and we'll take a couple of extra didees just in case, especially since you haven't made your morning pushies yet. I've been listening to it every night for weeks now, and was waiting to review it to see if I had a genuine, bona-fide bedwetting "accident" after listening to it for 30 days like the instructions say. In this 3 book bundle crammed with erotic hypnosis and abdl content, men and women find themselves helplessly diapered and drooling as they're treated like the adult babies they are!

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