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I have only read one Frank Cottrell Boyce and that was Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth which I read for the Carnegie reviewing (and it was one of the very few Carnegie books which I actually enjoyed! and then it becomes more a story of morals and making the right decisions in life as oppose to the easy decisions. The book was chosen during the time that the Euro2020 competition was occurring, meaning the children's excitement for the book was heightened due to its link to football. I understand why the publishers have done it because they want the book to appeal to the audience which the book is written for. But one unlucky kick brings Budi's world crashing down, because now he owes the Dragon, the most dangerous man in all Jakarta.

This first part of the novel could have been tightened up and then the tension would have continued through to the gripping finale. It is rumoured that the coconuts have this special milk which brings good fortune to those who drink it and everyone is scared of climbing the tree because it is far too tall and dangerous. This book is endorsed by Amnesty International and the reasons for this are made explicitly clear throughout. Kick deals with issues such as poverty, child labour and human rights in a way that proves we share more than makes us different.I can honestly say this is one of the best books I've read this year (and I have read a lot of good ones so far).

I particularly enjoyed the scenes with Budi and his grandmother - a chain-smoking, housebound character - who provides wonderful stories to teach her grandson some important lessons in life.Moreover, it was emotional, compelling and brilliantly portrayed the life of someone who has a life less fortunate than most of us, but without othering him, and while offering the reader an easy way to relate to him (particularly for younger readers- it is a fantastic book that will teach them about another culture while offering an easy way into the narrative). One thing I found interesting here is that on the back, it says this book is good for fans of Frank Cottrell Boyce. The theme is an important one and it is a book that will enlighten your child to international issues about which they may know very little, but it is not preachy. Budi perceives the task as impossible and is ready to accept his fate, even to die, but then miraculously, the boots get to the Dragon. Growing up in this multi-cultural society, I know a few Malay words and am familiar with some foods.

I have a feeling this will sound pretentious but I do think this could have been pulled off as an adult novel, as oppose to a teenage novel. However, the young boy tries it and the people set up a net for him to jump down into but he never finds the confidence until he drinks the coconut milk and then he feels confident enough to look past all the dangers and jump down. Keluguan dan kepolosannya membuat dirinya berani bermimpi bahwa suatu hari dia bisa bermain bersama pesepak bola idolanya di Madrid- Kieran Wakefield. The harsh divide between rich and poor is examined sensitively in this moving book about one child’s struggles that are, unfortunately, a fact of life for many. It highlights the issues faced by those living in a society where most people are just about scraping enough money together to get by.There aren't many books for children aged 9+ about the Indonesian islands and I found the Grandmothers' stories that mixed the old time and now nostalgic and interesting. I would definitely recommend this story as an eye-opener as well as a heart-wrenching and heart-warming tale. Makes for an insightful read and may be a little violent for the more sensitive child as has a reference to backstreet girls and has a gunfight towards the end. Two things that I really enjoyed about this book is that it is very beautifully written and that it has a good understanding of how poor people can't just be bad at all things just because they don't have enough money.

Life is hard for him and his family, Mum, Dad and Grandma, and isn’t made any easier by the Dragon, “the most dangerous man in Jakarta”, who can do what he likes as his brother is chief of police and under his control. Maybe I'm just selfish and cold-hearted but personally, I think that is a pretty poor way to repay him! Johnson does not shy away from the difficult issues and even finds space to touch on people trafficking.Meski begitu, Budi tidak serta merta kehabisan akal, dengan kepolosannya dia mulai melancarkan aksinya. The read focuses on showcasing the life of Budi who works in a football show factory and dreams of playing football professionally professionally. When an earthquake strikes, causing some buildings to crumble, killing Rochy's family and also leading to the death of Budi's grandmother, it is particularly challenging. Fearing the faint tremor of an earthquake and the crack in his ceiling surely getting bigger, with time ticking will Budi be able to make things right? A necessary lesson for everyone about the realities of football kit manufacturing and the discrepancy between the heroes that make the products and the heroes that get to wear them on the biggest stages around the globe.

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