A Fact for Every Day of the Year (National Geographic Kids)

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A Fact for Every Day of the Year (National Geographic Kids)

A Fact for Every Day of the Year (National Geographic Kids)

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There’s over 45,000 known spider species, with the venom of a few only known to be dangerous to humans. 33. The aptly named colossal squids eyes are as large as a basketball. There are about nine million people in a prison around the world. 25 percent of them come from the USA. Mexican walking fish can regrow the same limb up to 5 times, and even regenerate parts of its brain.

Benjamin Franklin left the cities of Boston and Philadelphia 2,000 dollars each in his will, with the instruction that the money could not be touched for 200 years. Due to inflation and clever investments, the two cities ended up receiving 6.5 million dollars in 1990. The PlayStation 2 was so popular that it was still in production until shortly before the launch of the PlayStation 4. On 24 February 1891, the “United States of Brazil” were founded, and the name of the country lasted for almost 40 years. So at the time, the American continent was home to not only the USA, but also the USB. Terminator 2, The Silence of the Lambs, The Beauty and the Beast and the Prince of Bel Air are closer in time to the moon landing than on today’s date. This cannibalistic ant can go from zero to 200mph in 0.000015 seconds when it snaps its mandibles, that’s roughly 5,000 times faster than humans blink. 5 This is the fastest recorded movement in the animal kingdom. 23 58. The box jellyfish is considered the most venomous marine species in the world.However, there might be even older. Adwaita, an Aldabra giant tortoise, died at an estimated age of 255 in March 2006 in Alipore Zoo, Kolkata, India. If verified, it will have been the oldest terrestrial animal in the world. 12 22. The fastest land animal on the planet is a cheetah. It can reach speeds of up to 75 mph (120 kph). The US aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln is operated by nuclear power and therefore only needs to be “refueled” every 25 years.

Female lions are responsible for raising the cubs, teaching them how to hunt, and protecting them from predators. They are able to jump 10 inches (25cm) vertically and up to 18 inches (45 cm) horizontally, making them one of the planets best jumpers relative to its size. It’s equal to a human jumping as high as the Empire State Building in New York. 28. The male seahorse goes through pregnancy and gives birth to babies. They are the only animal on earth where the male carries the baby rather than the female. About 89 percent of all men have problems with differentiating between kind behavior from a woman and flirting. Asia has a larger surface area than the moon. While the surface of the moon measures only 14,645,698 square miles, Asia covers a total of 17,212,368 square miles.Interesting Vampire Facts." Fact Retriever. January 20, 2017. Updated May 26, 2020. Accessed: July 24, 2020. The name "daisy" is thought to come from the Old English "daes eag." "Daes eag" means "day's eye," after the way in which the delicate flower opens at dawn. [16]

The majority of mammals are not monogamous, making humans unusual. 83. Gorilla’s have been seen dismantling traps set by poachers. They were worshiped in Ancient Egypt and some historians report that it was illegal to kill a cat. 86. Emperor penguins are the world’s biggest penguins, and they trek 50–120 km (31–75 m) across the Antarctic to reach breeding colonies. The word "sinister" originally meant "left" in Latin, which is why left-handedness was seen as a negative trait in olden times. NASA claims it will be able to answer the question if we are alone in universe in the next 20 years. Andorra does not have an army of its own. Instead, the law stipulates that at least every male head of household must possess a weapon for defense purposes. The law even obliges the police to make a weapon available to every male citizen who does not have one.In 2015, the Italian city of Collecchio passed a law that only allowed the use of silent fireworks. The objective of this is to reduce stress on animals and children. Since then, many other European cities have followed this example. Famous sports players, like the baseball player Babe Ruth and tennis star Rafael Nadal, are left-handed. Nintendo originally did not develop consoles and video games, but rather started off producing playing cards.

The word "queue" sounds the same even if the last four letters are removed. Before it meant "line," a queue meant the tail of a beast in medieval pictures and designs. [16] Laughter synchronizes the brains of both speaker and listener so that they become emotionally attuned. [8] When her husband died in the war in 1941, Ukrainian Marina Oktyabrskaya sold all her belongings and donated the money to the military to buy a tank. She was able to convince the military command to drive the tank herself and turned out to be an excellent tank driver. After she died in battle in 1944, she was posthumously awarded the title “Hero of the Soviet Union”. In 1993, Canadian lawyer Garry Hoy wanted to prove to a group of visitors that the glass in the Toronto Dominion Centre was unbreakable. To demonstrate this, he jumped against the glass – which thereupon broke out of its frame and plummeted downwards together with Garry Hoy. Hoy died, but the pane of glass remained intact, even after the fall.Lions are powerful carnivores, meaning they primarily eat meat, and their diet consists mainly of large herbivores.

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