Amouage Imitation Man Eau de Parfum, 100 ml

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Amouage Imitation Man Eau de Parfum, 100 ml

Amouage Imitation Man Eau de Parfum, 100 ml

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Referencing an 80s pop song to describe a 70s-inspired perfume, but if you try it, I think you will see what I mean. Imitation Man by Amouage is a floral leather fragrance for men released in 2018, created by Leslie Girard.

The weird and wonderful castoreum (also used to fake vanillin, the genuine vanilla flavour, in cheap and cheerful ice creams) makes it all the more seedy and musky, if not a tad dirrty (like Christina used to sing). How? I don’t know, but I’m certain that the perfume world would be less exciting without Imitation. Ministry of Sound London: David Morales plays his remix of 'Plastic Dreams' and I go apes*** on the dance floor like it's 1999, dancing myself into the abyss of joint fatigue of early morning 6am. All of these dance around the central brown leather accord and iris, creating a spectacle that demands to be experienced.I have been here to write the review of Imitation woman quite a few times before. It's like a deja-vu moment for me. I could never write it. By the time i can put pen to paper (fingers to keys on the keyboard) I forget all about the notes and whatnot that constitute this fruity bamboozlement that is Imitation W O M A N! and yes, I'm a man. and it's also true that I got this for my girlfriend who (thankfully) rejected it but it was always love-at-first-sniff for me (I'll tell you all about it soon) and I only decided to let it go because it would have stayed in the fam (wink wink) Someone told me that Imitation Woman was louder than the men's and I had assumed that they're both similar to one another so I sold Imitation man to buy the women's version... I didn't realise before acting out while knowing full well that the men's and women's versions are always different to one another!

Sometimes, there comes a fragrance that defines an entire genre, and Imitation for Men is one such fragrance. Initially unsure if I would like it, this scent grew on me, and for that reason, along with everything else discussed here, I highly recommend sampling it as soon as you can. Compositions like this one are what fuel our passion for fragrance and keep us exploring the ever-evolving world of scents. The age range is over 25 since it leans toward a slightly more mature audience due to its complexity. Late 20s and older to be safe. The rest of the bottle’s features mirror the standard Amouage design: a gold-colored magnetic cap, the fragrance name displayed on both sides of the bottle and beneath the cap, and a standard atomizer with the batch code located on the underside of the bottle.Don’t be overly concerned about it, and don’t fret too much about the rose either. It’s been executed to perfection here, more like an abstract interpretation of the note rather than the soapy effect that roses often impart in perfumes. Bottle and box...among the most powerful of Amouage... They accurately portray this perfume, a 3-4 decade old leather chypre walking down a street lit by neon signs. If I had to describe it in one word, I would say "VIVID". Since we already know that Imitation is not a mass-appealing fragrance that’s guaranteed to receive compliments, it can garner positive reactions but not expect much.

Early 70’s were still pretty much green, chypre fragrances, and hazy dreamy florals. Think Halston, Scherrer, Chloé, Anaïs Anaïs, Private Collection; fragrances were tough just like the women and the conditions in New York, but there was space and time for a more dreamy world, seen through a haze of erotic florals. After a good couple of hours, Imitation reaches its full dry down. The initial notes of rose, spices, and citruses have long dissipated, bringing your nightlife journey in New York’s club scene to its final destination. These initial impressions are fleeting and after only a few minutes the whole thing has settled down into a smooth vinyl with a sweet/fruity veneer. I don't smell the florals distinctly, and they seldom feel like real flowers - it's more like they merge into this sweet artificial/plastic fruity accord. I've been waiting patiently to review this one.Firstly, I don't think it will have a mass appeal because of its subtle complexity, but for me that's exactly where this fragrance shines. It has that dirty spice, woody and a prominently beautiful rose that just works. The missus' first comment on sniffing this was. "I'm not sure I fully dig this one". Knowing how the fragrance is anything but linear I was curious to see if her views would change shortly afterward.Slightly ambiguous, Imitation manages to blend the beauty with the grittiness. It is both clean and dirty, and it’s New York before the Giuliani cleanup that eliminated, along with murder and crime, the rogue diversity that made Manhattan. This means that once you apply it for example, in the morning, it can easily carry you through an entire workday and into the evening with just a couple of sprays. edit: 4 years on, I bought a bottle of this. I have evolved my nose to appreciate florals more and this is a better composition than I first thought. I agree with my initial assesment that the iris is the star here and the violet+rose does still have a bit of a synthetic feel but I feel that matches the theme of what "imitation" might be and they work better as a fragrance than I first thought. Violet pastilles in a bright, expensive women's leather handbag - this is how this "imitation" smells to me. A special fragrance for the transitional seasons, especially autumn. The fact that myrrh and iris also play light roles plays into the cards for my taste makes the scent more powdery and unisexual. Nevertheless, he remains clearly masculine somehow. Soft and powerful at the same time. It unites Europe and the Orient, consistently continues Amouage's chosen path. Even if not everyone likes it and the comparison to the old hits as "Interlude Man" limps. He's beautiful, though. Especially for the lollipops. Although I wished for this amazing scent to be the first fragrance from the brand I would review, that honor went to Reflection Man, another masterpiece.

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