First Position: A brand-new spicy romance of forbidden love. A passionate and thrilling debut for 2023!

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First Position: A brand-new spicy romance of forbidden love. A passionate and thrilling debut for 2023!

First Position: A brand-new spicy romance of forbidden love. A passionate and thrilling debut for 2023!

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All in all, I wasn't bored, but I wasn't intrigued either. Tiny Pretty Things (Netflix show) did something similar where the story became more about raw sex and human flesh than it did about ballet and what it is actually like to be a dancer in a major company. If it's what you're looking for, then you will have a good time, but all said and done, I wish there had been better characterization and a stronger emphasis on dance. I did enjoy the sapphic elements and wish that had been cultivated more, with the predatory male lead(s) left out. The bits where Sylvie is thinking about what it means to be a ballet dancer were what I truly enjoyed the most! It is both horrifying and awe-inspiring to learn about what dancers go through to achieve their dreams. She must see something more in you. If I had to guess, I’d say there’s a lot more to you than what I just saw.”

Befriend the staff without being a brown-noser. Just be above all the pettiness, they’ll eat that shit up. I am now deeply offended that this stranger thinks he has any right to tell me why ballet is hard. Ballet is blood, sweat, and tears—all of which are to be hidden at all costs. Ballet is hard, yes, but he—whoever he is—is not going to tell me why.


This is a book written by a ballet person for ballet people. There's no shortage of French ballet vocabulary. It's refreshing to see the terminology used correctly and playfully through out the book! First Position doesn't shy away from the gritty oftentimes toxic world of professional ballet. There's sex, there's drugs, and there's classical music. It's exactly what I needed it to be, but if you aren't a ballet person it might not be worth reading. First Position is also a very sexy book! What was your favourite thing about writing the intimacy between the characters? Was there anything about writing the sex scenes that you struggled with, or found difficult? I get out of the bathtub and peel off my drenched dress, walking nude out of the bathroom and over to my bed. I sit with splayed legs for a second before looking at the zipped compartment in my suitcase. I can’t believe I even still hide my old diary. Everyone knows what’s in it. I can’t even believe I’ve kept it. It’s humiliating to revisit. She was] exactly where she was supposed to be. The thought fuelled her muscles, buoyed her jumps and made her feet faster and more precise than usual, her body anticipating each note and clinging to every balance as if it was unbearable to let go … She had been broken and betrayed, but she’d found the courage to break free, and that’s what she was now: free, whole and more powerful than she’d ever known.” This is probably one of the best representations of ballet and the ballet world I have read in a fiction book.’

It's the escapism. Fifty Shades Of Grey was such a phenomenon, to embrace sex and talk about sex. And ballet is beautiful and the women are beautiful. So for me, you're already escaping into the ballet world, so let's go to the next level! And it's fun. I like to be as engaging as possible. If I don’t have to work, I put my phone away and focus fully on Dev. Playing games is a big one for us! We’re very competitive and I definitely will not let him win a game of Uno! So I would like to say I’m a ‘cool mom’ but I do establish boundaries.

AP: How has your family reacted to the book?

The week before that, encore meant doing echappées until the entire bottom half of my body went numb. I can smell him. Is it cologne or just him? The notes are clean, maybe a little woodsy or smoky but not aggressively so. It could be soap and body heat. I was fulfilled in the roles I was dancing. (But) once I had a child, the balance didn’t work. At the time, only one other dancer had a child in the company. I felt that it was hard, and they didn’t really understand my need to balance being a mother and being in the studio 10 hours a day.

He stops a few seats from me and watches the stage. Maybe he isn’t actually joining me. Maybe he just wants a better view. falling out in a hissed bravado before I can catch them. “I have to be in my head! If I’m not, then my form falls apart. Or it would. I have to be on the stage, in the music, and I have to be thinking in my head. Of course I do.” There are two voices inside of me. One of them is the truth-teller. The one who sees things how they are and tells me, whether I like it or not, what I cannot admit to myself. The other is the liar. The one who acts on fear and anxiety. The one that tells me to stay scared because I will fail and who tells me not to take a risk because I’ll fall. They speak the same language but seem to have an almost imperceptibly different dialect. It makes it hard to tell which is speaking.”I also loved the theme of friendship and how redemption can be found in your love for others. I could see that in her relationship with Jocelyn and Alessandro. By building them up, she inevitably finds the courage to be the dancer she was always supposed to be. There are often more rivalries than friendships in art as competitive as ballet, so when you find these true friends – it's essential to hold on to them and treat them like the unique jewel they are.

Specifically - I wanted more detail from the ending regarding the relationship going forward of Sylvie and Jocelyn, as ultimately that relationship and what happens to and between these two girls, who become women in this story, is what we’re really reading about. Also there was a character I really wanted to dig deeper into who was very important to the story, and I felt this could have been teased out more.

AP: Is that when you turned to writing?

When you see this cover and read the words "First Position," you might think that this is a simply a book about the dark side of know, first position, second position, etc. Even though there is no sound, everyone can hear the scream from within me. So loud in my own head that I almost want to cover my ears. I almost lose my absent voice.’

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