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My Naughty Aunty.

My Naughty Aunty.

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Got a burning question for Prudie? She’ll be online here on Slate to chat with readers each Monday at noon. Submit your questions and comments here before or during the live discussion. One weekend she was at our house and my Mom was grocery shopping and my aunt was in the shower. I went to her room to wait for her to see if she wanted to watch a movie. I sat on the bed until she came out of the shower. She was wearing a towel when she came in to the room. Auntie and my cousins decided to go to town but despite the protests, I decided I was not ready yet to let other people see me. After they left I went for a walk and ran into Luke. At first, I was a bit unsure but after I realized he was convinced that I was a girl I decided to have some fun. Meanwhile, I was realizing that this didn't feel half bad, and was struggling inwardly with the fact that this was a punishment. My mother finished diapering me, then said, "Now you go out to the living room, and tell everyone goodnight."

I’m going to give you a taster of each of my little helpers – three with the cane, three with the slipper and three with the board.”“You can’t make me!” I protested, but with that she called Doreen into the room. One day, I was out playing in the garden. Mum was there too and talking over the fence to our left-hand neighbour, who I called Auntie Deirdre (the writer of the other story has already pointed up this rather peculiarly British tradition). She was in her 50s and had two grown-up children. I finally was able to go to bed. I climbed into the crib, and my mother put the side up. I tossed and turned for awhile, aware of the diapers and wondering why they felt so good to me.

My aunt jacked me off..

Then I heard her trot out this little ditty. “Spank a boy and do it right, trousers down, pants up tight. And if he smiles when he should frown, then spank him with his pants right down.” With that, Aunt Pam pulled my jeans down, exposing my underpants. My face was now near to the floor and I remember clearly the smell of the carpet, mixed with tobacco smoke as Doreen lit up a cigarette. This was a further bombshell – I’d never been told to take my trousers down for any punishment before. I just stood there transfixed, my heart in my mouth. I was definitely having a huge adrenalised reaction, and I froze like an animal caught in headlights. My aunt was coming out of the house to hang up some washing as our little band approached. “What’s all this?” she asked in that direct manner of hers. Mrs Danbury, of course, was all too willing to tell my aunt what she had witnessed. Her face was furious. “You complete idiots!” she shouted. Then: “Get upstairs and wait in Peter’s room, all three of you. I’ll be up to deal with you in a minute.” We scuttled as Aunt Lindy stood there talking with her neighbour for a while longer. In town, we walked from shop to shop. I was being introduced as Julie and no one seemed to question my being a girl. How exciting it was. In fact, most people thought I was the most attractive. What fun. Sue and I spent the morning flirting with the boys and when the opportunity presented itself bending over counters causing our skirts to be pulled up and giving the boys a good look at our panties. It is amazing what fun it was teasing the men and boys. While I knew I would enjoy wearing the pretty clothes, being a boy I knew I had to pretend that I would not like it. A few minutes later Sue (with whom I was quite close) came in and said that while she knew I would not like to wear the clothes it was the only thing to do, and she and Anne would not laugh at me or anything. Anne came in then and promised not to laugh or tell anyone. She said I should put the clothes on, as there was no one else around anyway. They both promised again not to tell anyone and then left me alone.

private]Since home life was the way it was, I stayed in school, hit the library when school let out. School plus library equals college scholarships. You better believe I went to college.She cut me off. Of course I wasn’t ready. Of course the idea of having children and being a man scared the living shit out of me. I held out my hand, albeit with a dollop of attitude, but Aunt Pam said: ““You silly boy! I’m not going to cane your hands – there’s far too much risk of injury, especially as you play the piano. There’s only one place God has decreed that naughty boys should be punished, and that’s on the bottom.” At breakfast, auntie announced that we would go to the village for some groceries. She added that she was sorry there were no clothing shops in what was only a village. I was glad of that but I did not let on. My auntie commented that I seem to be happy to wear girls clothes now and I said that they were not too bad. I tried not to seem too excited.

Up in the room I had been sharing with Peter, three frightened boys awaited their fate. Of course, my first question to my cousin was: “Are we going to get the cane?” It wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear. “Oh yeah, she’ll cane us for sure.”“Will it hurt a lot?”“Just wait and see.”The only real restaurant in town didn’t have a big champagne selection, but we drank up what they had. Aunt Doris wasn’t terrified by the nightmarish possibility of being impregnated. Male and female fluids didn’t disgust her. She was just being sensible, I thought, but the rubbers from Hollywood made me sad anyhow. I had my head turned to my right, and could look into Tom’s eyes as we both wept and cried at every stroke of the cane. Peter was just a bawling mess. It seemed to go on forever but it was probably only a minute or so. Eventually it just stopped. Aunt Lindy grabbed Peter and led him, bum striped and howling, to his own room. “Straight to bed!” was heard when they got there. Grandaddy was dead anyway, long before I was born. Sometimes I wished I knew him. But then Daddy always said he was drunk a lot, and mean often. Maybe it was better not to have met the man. Daddy still loved him though, I could tell. I was 12 when I was sent to spend part of the summer at my uncle and aunt’s house in rural Queensland, Australia. I was a city boy, born and bred and in Brisbane, and my parents were typical of the 1980s progressive Aussie middle class of the time.

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