Nemasys leatherjacket killer (100sqm pack)

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Nemasys leatherjacket killer (100sqm pack)

Nemasys leatherjacket killer (100sqm pack)

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Nematodes are recommended for use whenever larvae or grubs are present. Generally, this is during spring and autumn. As they nibble away at the roots, your lawn becomes vulnerable to drought stress, nutrient deficiencies, and even complete turf loss. Environmentally friendly and safe for children, pets and wildlife. No need to exclude children and pets from treated areas.

The garlic spray method does seem to have a good effect at encouraging the grubs to leave the lawn. However, if there is a huge population or the grubs have nowhere to go, this method may only move them around! Birds feeding on the lawn can also be an indicator of their presence. Once identified, you can take action to prevent further damage. Adhering strictly to the application timings will ensure that any remaining colour in the bowl will be due to inert carrier only and that you have performed an even application. You should closely monitor soil temperatures and the presence of the adult Crane Flies (Daddy Long Legs) to time these applications.Alternatively, you can waterin some Nematodes (see above). Step 4: Prepare the Ground and Lay Your New Turf Can you recommend what steps we should take now and over the next 6 months to avoid further damage and/or what we could ask our builders to do to support this (either replace the lawn now, or dig it up and replace in spring for example)? We are happy to completely remove the lawn if this is best as it is fairly small & the grass not great. Timing is crucial: Timing plays a vital role in reseeding and overseeding. It’s best to undertake these tasks during the optimal growing seasons for your specific grass type. Generally, early autumn or spring are favourable times, as the soil is still warm, and there’s ample moisture for seed germination. Keep the soil consistently moist: After reseeding or overseeding, it’s essential to keep the soil consistently moist to support seed germination and establishment. Water lightly and frequently, aiming to keep the top inch of soil consistently damp. Avoid excessive watering that can lead to pooling or runoff, which may wash away the newly applied seeds. The type of damage that they can cause to your lawn can vary quite a lot but it can get to really extreme cases where these things can literally destroy your lawn.

You can buy nematodes online. However, they aren't necessarily cheap and you do need to follow the very precise instructions on how to use them. How to use nematodesOnce the lawn is completely dead, remove the turf. You can do this with a spade, a turfing iron or if you have a large area of lawn, you can hire a turf cutter. Step 3: Rotovate or Dig the Soil

Healthy grass means healthy roots and, unless you have an extensive infestation, a few daddy longlegs larvae won’t do any noticeable damage to your lawn. Spread the seed evenly: Even distribution of the seed is key to achieving uniform growth and avoiding patchy areas. Use a handheld spreader or a mechanical seeder to ensure an even dispersal of the seed over the affected areas. Follow the recommended seeding rate provided by the seed manufacturer for optimal results. Adhering strictly to the application timings will ensure that any remaining colour in the bowl will be due to the inert carrier only and that you have performed an even application.I actually drilled some slightly bigger holes to allow all the solution to come through. I find it a really great and easy way to apply this type of stuff onto your lawn. These small, brownish-grey creatures may appear harmless, but their insatiable appetite for grassroots can turn your beautifully cultivated lawn into a tattered mess. To calculate your area measure the width and length of the area to be treated and multiply them by each other e.g. 5m x 20m = 100 sq.m Please note: these are a live product and have an expiry date usually about 2 weeks - this product is non returnable.

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