Pico Technology TC-08 8 Channel Thermocouple Data Logger, Temperature Data Recorder, Temp Range 270 to +1820 °C, Free Cloud Software for Mac, PC and Linux

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Pico Technology TC-08 8 Channel Thermocouple Data Logger, Temperature Data Recorder, Temp Range 270 to +1820 °C, Free Cloud Software for Mac, PC and Linux

Pico Technology TC-08 8 Channel Thermocouple Data Logger, Temperature Data Recorder, Temp Range 270 to +1820 °C, Free Cloud Software for Mac, PC and Linux

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Nothing in the help talks about Hardware drivers and nothing makes a connection even though it has the DLL and knows what and where it is. Does not matter how I search for the drivers. Win Wiz said it won't work properly and PICOLog cannot select it. First of all, the answer on a postcard is - if you are trying to do what I think you are, then it can be done with a better NTC thermistor alongside your 10K NTC thermistor, and the TC-08. If users wish to install the last release of PicoScope 6 Beta for Mac (6.14.62), you can do so here. Release notes Picoscope 7.1.17 Early Access

To explain why, you need to know about measurement goals, terminology, limits of measurement system capabilities, and more, so the complete answer (if you're interested) is as follows: We were a bit hesitant at first … but it worked flawlessly, and everybody is now out shopping for PicoScopes! Furthermore, connecting your Pi by WiFi or Ethernet, you can internet-enable your Pico logger which you can then access remotely using an open-source VNC server and viewer freely availableNot many USB scopes works on Win & Mac & Linux too, so that proves me that guys from Pico really cares about us, customers. This made my decision much easier when I was looking to buy an USB scope. However, the accuracy of the high precision, high accuracy thermistor you select (which, for example, can be something like ±0.2°C at 42°C) is going to be better than the accuracy of the TC-08 data logger (±0.584 °C at 42°C). The accuracy of the TC-08 is specified with an uncertainty (±) that is based upon factors such as the variation of component tolerances between individual units, and the variation of results between different data capture sessions. You can reduce the uncertainties due to tolerances by performing a calibration for accuracy (which performs measurements of temperature using one channel and one specific sensor to characterize the accuracy of the specific pair over a temperature range). This gives a much tighter uncertainty for the specific TC-08 model and specific channel + sensor, but only as long as they are always used together. The calibration house may then also be able to specify corrections required to reduce even further the extremes of temperature variation over the range. This can be done by making use of the extra resolution available to the data logger to make the corrections with a scaling file. At Pico Technology, we can do the calibration for accuracy for thermocouples, but you would need to approach an independent Calibration House if you want it done for a TC-08 + high precision, high accuracy thermistor.

In considering your measurement goals it's worth bearing in mind that, high temperature accuracy (how close the converted temperature value being logged is to the true temperature being measured) is more difficult to achieve when compared to other types of measurement (the ITS-90 standard, upon which all current temperature measurements are based, is only accurate to 5 decimal places, and unlike some other standards, e.g. derived at atomic level, using unique methods, ITS-90 was derived using more precise variants, of generally used apparatus and methods, e.g. a gold standard PT100 sensor, the triple point of water, and other known preset points). However, high temperature precision (the smallest measurable difference between 2 temperature values) is easier to achieve, with your average Data Acquisition Device typically having a resolution (which is essentially the digital equivalent of precision) of at least 10 times it's accuracy. The resolution of the TC-08 is approximately 100 times it's accuracy. As you are interested in how the NTC sensor changes relative to a fixed resistance value, I would say that what you need is a measurement system capable of high precision, rather than high accuracy. However, for completeness, we will discuss both precision and accuracy. When the Humidity Probe was in stalled: Win Wiz found new hardware. They selected Yes & it auto found a Driver on the CD. We have been using Picoscope 6404D for quite some time, and are amazed by its accuracy and powerful emulations while working with numerous signal evaluations.Pico Log cannot select the TC-08 and refresh does not help. It sees the Humidity Probe straight away and just loads it without request. You can reduce the systematic uncertainties due to measurement session variation by repeatedly taking the same measurements. By doing all this, the difference in accuracy between the TC-08 and a high precision, high accuracy thermistor should be easy enough to overcome. Pico Technology data loggers work great when USB connected to PCs running Windows, macOS and Linux, and now with support for Raspbian OS on armhfprocessors, we now support Raspberry Pi computers.

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