Superlux HD668B Headphones

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Superlux HD668B Headphones

Superlux HD668B Headphones

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Looking at the earpads, they’re quite large and easily fit right around my big ears. The pads are made from a PU leather with a foam interior. There’s also a sheet of foam covering the drivers so there’s some padding between your ears and the driver covers. The cable is rather thin, but is at least detachable, so if you happen to step over the cable, it should just come right off - if not, the cable can be replaced as described.

Sub-bass also has a satisfying goodness. There’s a nice weight to it and a fast, controlled rumble which, similar to the mid-bass, does not intrude over the midrange. The HD668B revels in its control here, bringing the party without the associated hangover.Mids are strong here they don't sit forward or anything but the way in which they are presented is very nice Rodrigo and Gabriela comes alive with these phone’s guitars being realistic and resonating nicely and I suspect this is due to there being quite a bit of air behind the driver even though it is closed cup. OK, let’s be honest: The name HD660 Pro will be familiar to many headphone fans. But Superlux don’t stop with just the HD660 Pro’s almost identical name. The design of these headphones is reminiscent of those other circumaural, closed classics in terms of the ear cushions, the ear cup arms, the exposed cables, the headband design and the single-sided, permanently-installed supply line. At first glance, the design of the Superlux headphones seems familiar to the observer, and this need not be a bad thing. Ultra-wide frequency response Quality - feels great, metal construction, sound can easily compete vs 4 times more expensive headphones. X7 w/AM2 – in this pair up I found sub-bass and mid-bass scaled down a bit, making the sound more balanced. But it also felt like upper mids came a little more forward. In addition, the bass was tight and punchy, clear detailed mids with plenty of body, and crisp airy treble. Soundstage was wide.

Cable extension is a standard 3.5 mm TRS plug, so any regular headphone extension cable could be used in theory. The N650 shares a similar treble to the HD668B, which is crisp and airy. Its soundstage is not as wide but it does have more depth and superior imaging. Looks wise it shares some design elements with beyerdynamic headsets but this particular model still looks quite unique. It is however compatible with beyerdynamic parts. It sports a very professional look and the blue accents make it look quite nice in real life.

With classical and melodic music, the voices and instruments sound organic and with a hint of forwardness. This also shows a well controlled bass execution that does not muddy the mids. Superlux products have usually an availability that is above-average. With 98% availability in the last year Superlux is among the top 10 percent of all manufacturers in the Thomann product range. At the moment 99 Superlux products are immediately available. The midrange is definitely nicely tuned and follows a flat, diffuse-field oriented tuning wherefore voices sound natural and realistic – something that is especially nice to hear on headphones this inexpensive. Burn-in actually refined these ever so slightly, I am not as much a burn-in believer as some but it cannot hurt and with these, it saw the treble receded from a touch too sparkly to just right, apart from that everything else stayed the same. The sound signature strikes me as V- shaped with treble emphasis. I find this quite nice as a contrast to my Sennheisers and Philips. My warning label for this headphone is that they can be harsh. They can be very harsh. This also adds an extra sense of clarity at times. Going from the 668b to HD558s is like going to bight sun to a damp cave.

Therefore, the Fostex’ bass rendering is cleaner, tighter, faster, better controlled as well as better layered; in the mids, they are more layered and detailed as well as refined sounding, which also applies to the highs. Not that they are going to fall apart with everyday use, but on the "nice-materials-scale", I'd give them a 2 out of 10 - because there at least is some metal included in the construction. The bass stays out of the mids and starts climbing from around 500 down to 100 Hz where the climax is reached with ca. 7.5 dB north of neutral and has a subjectively perceived strong impact. It doesn’t start rolling off until 60 Hz, so there is still a good amount of midbass and even some sub-bass although there isn’t that much going on anymore below 35 Hz. Any small mistake will be exaggerated and you will wince at any off note. Sound compression comes through loud and clear as well, and your favorite mp3 will sound broken. As I have found with pretty much every headphone (except IEMs) more clean power adds to the extension and balance. The Bass got some more growl from the Project Polaris as well.


Although both headphones are playing in a (totally) different price and sound league and one is (semi-) open and the other is (semi-) closed, they still have some things in common. Vocals are a touch more recessed on the DT990 Pro, however, it does have a slight edge in tonal accuracy. The DT990’s vocals are a little richer and vibrant, where the HD668B is somewhat dry. It’s really amazing how similar these headphones sound, the biggest differentiator is the treble. On the DT990 Pro, the treble has more sparkle but it’s also more strident and fatiguing. Roland FA08 and Roland Octapad, so when using these headphones on these instruments (a piano and a percussion pad) the cable length is very important for the confort. When you open the box you see the provided cloth carrying/storage bag. The headphones are secured in a cardboard cutout which holds them in place. It’s a simple presentation but it’s practical and the basic materials used help to keep the cost down.

They come with a short cable and a longer cable, a quarter inch adapter and a nylon (feels like nylon) carrying pouch. Testing was done on both laptop/desktop/portable devices and an Onkyo T8020. Sound sources were mp3, flac, vinyl.

Inexpensive, well-tuned v-shaped fun sounding headphones with good technical performance and even midrange response. The headphones are sold with (I believe) a 10 foot and a 3 foot cable. I got mine secondhand, and only got the longer of the two cables.

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