Wish You Were Dead: Quick Reads

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Wish You Were Dead: Quick Reads

Wish You Were Dead: Quick Reads

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I adored this book. It had everything a good thriller book should. A ton of mysteries to solve, a few red herrings, multiple (and usually messed up) PoVs, and a nail-biting ending.

That was a bittersweet story, focused mainly on the fmc's nightmares of the past and the gradual retention of her strength. Rowan's and Jane's relationship had so many turns and a hefty amount of banter, but in the end, it acted as their salvation. Based in England in a city known to be full of criminals, Roy Grace’s department focuses on suspicious events and murder mysteries. One of the most popular murder-mystery novelists of his time, Peter James, wanted to give the dark city a personable protagonist who helped make the stories that needed to be told more light-hearted and easy to interpret. Madison, aus der meist die Sicht geschrieben wird, ist in der 12 Klasse und ist in der In-Clique. Nachdem Lucy verschwunden ist, macht sie sich die größten Sorgen, weil sie mit ihr seit dem Kindergarten befreundet ist. Und dann ist da noch das Internet. Madison bekommt von einem PBleeker Nachrichten und sie bekommt Angst. Hat er vielleicht was mit dem Verschwinden zu tun oder doch nicht? This book is followed by a young woman named Jane. She underwent such a harrowing event that it rendered her mute. I adored the way Jaclin portrayed a strong woman who express herself through signing, particularly when she refused to take crap from Rowan.I don't want to give too much away so I'll just say this is a wonderful creepy thriller filled with suspense and nail biting moments. A fun who-dun-it! Our protagonist, Madison, feels responsible since she had taken the first girl, Lucy, home the night she was kidnapped but didn't watch her go in. That's when Lucy got snatched. When other kids start disappearing too, Madison begins investigating. Wish You Were Dead centres around Roy Grace, who has taken time out of his crime solving exploits to holiday in France with his wife Cleo, Kaitlynn their American nanny, and their ceramic baby.

Adapted exclusively for the stage, Wish You Were Dead is the latest thrilling instalment of the Grace The ending tied everything up, weaving it together nicely without any of it actually feeling like it was done just for the sake of being able to do it or to ties up the loose ends. The ultimate motivation and driving force behind this was a unique take on something often done and the specific way it was carried out was even better. Something I can completely see- despite how inhumane it was. Katie McGlynn (who we recently interviewed) overacted and, in some places, it felt she was shouting her way through some of the tenser scenes instead of developing the fear that was required of the character. Madison, the main character, was a little bit boring (she doesn't really have anything special about her... I mean not a hobby or anything) but perfect for the storyline: she was in the popular clique still she wasn't mean or a bully so with other words people liked her. The whole story begins with the blog where a bullied girl writes about how badly people treat her. After we can read how Lucy (one of the most popular girls) gets kidnapped and then we read about what happened before Lucy got out of Tyler's car and here comes the story from Madison's point of view.There’s so much I wanna say but can’t because I don’t wanna spoil! Definitely recommend you guys read this! I read it in like 2 and a half hours! (Though I did read like half last night then woke up at 6 am to finish…but in total it was about 2 in a half-ish hours) The sequel to this book, Looking Good Dead, was released in 2006 with the line, “They watch, they choose, they kill.” It begins when Tom Bryce attempts to return a lost CD to its owner and ends up being the witness to a horrible murder. Threatened with death if he should talk, Bryce’s wife talks him into making a statement to the team headed by Superintendent Roy Grace. The story is told from Madison’s point of view, at least most of the time. Sometimes it switched around to the other teens involved but not often. It also switched when one of the teens was being kidnapped. It was written from their point of view when it was happening. It made the book seem a lot scarier because you saw what they were going through and you saw how helpless they were to fight. It was horrible.

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