Ecological Formulas - Allithiamine 50 mg 60 caps

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Ecological Formulas - Allithiamine 50 mg 60 caps

Ecological Formulas - Allithiamine 50 mg 60 caps

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The light went off for me when I was reading about Benfotiamine and the author listed the symptoms of Dry Beriberi. I was stunned. I cried. I got serious about nutrition, vitamins and minerals. This led me further into studying B1, and now to Dr. Lonsdale and his very important work. Well, maybe the issue was that I didn’t eat enough fat when I took it? I eat 2 salmon fillets whenever I take the allithamine and it works great to help me absorb it. As a kid I was very active, tanned easily, had a lot of energy and pretty normal as far as kids go. In my country, prescribing antibiotics is normal enough for general problems (even when it has no effect), not sure it’s related but I thought worth mentioning as it’d have been prescribed to me a few times when growing up. Around the age of 12, I started to have issues with my gut. I would get intense abdominal pain and stopped going to school as a result. Shortly after this, I became very pale and very weak physically, I was far weaker than anyone else in the school by a significant margin and so pale that it everyone noticed and used to insult me over it. The changes were clearly very extreme and abnormal. Over the years after this, I gained weight and continued to be relatively physically weak and very pale (unable to tan). It stayed like this relatively unchanged until I hit my 20s. Worth noting, my diet as a kid was quite bad, it consisted of a lot of junk food and soda, as I was very fussy with food. It was difficult to get me to eat meat/vegetables and I never consumed fruit. This was less a case during my teenage years and not at all into my 20s. Also worth noting, once the stomach issues began, I became heavily constipated and had consistent issues with digestion ever since, particularly it seems with stuff that are very “doughy”, like pizza would have a high chance of triggering abdominal pain. At some point in this timeline, I was also prescribed PPIs which I used for over a month for acid reflux issues (PPIs are horrendous of course, I know that now). In fact it was upping the carbs that caused the nausea, loss of appetite, apathy and cognition problems. I stumbled across an article about B1 and it seemed to fit. This advice about thiamine supplementation has given me hope that perhaps I may find some level of improvement to my failing health. I was always a fit, slim and healthy person before Lupron and its effects have been utterly devastating, mentally and physically. I literally feel that nobody, even my family and friends believe what I have gone through. It has been a very lonely experience.

The strange thing is that my body reacts even to artificial sweeteners and stuff like alluose, which your body doesn’t even really absorb. It makes me question if there’s something wrong in my bowels and there’s bad bacteria feeding on stuff I put down there. Dr. Lonsdale & Dr. Marrs, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s last year, Symptoms began in 2018. I and 3 of my 4 siblings plus my mother are hypothyroid. I have been taking levothyroxine for over 10 years. I began taking thiamine HCL following Dr. Constantini’s protocol at the end of July 2021 hoping to improve my PD. A typically sized sulbutiamine capsule contains 200 mg, for whatever that is worth. Is that because it’s often used at far higher doses than TTFD, that it’s a cheaper ingredient so they can afford to put more in per capsule, or that TTFD is significantly stronger per mg than sulbutiamine, I can’t say. Only that the chemicals should have similar mechanisms of action. I knew enough about the water soluble vitamins to know I needed them. I knew I urinated more than normal and so on. So I was taking vitamins and minerals but I was not entirely consistent in use. I do not currently take any prescription medications although the MD’s want me to take Toprol XL and Lexapro and Progesterone cream to manage the symptoms of dysautonomia and perimenopause. I do take a large quantity of supplements. Perhaps one of the below affects thiamine absorption?I have noticed that, since increasing Lipothiamine, my nasal cycle has become more balanced and the feeling of one nostril totally plugged has receded to a further degree. This is especially true when I expend energy, like taking a walk. The response is unmistakable. I should also like to add that I speak with a stutter, and I have read that thiamine may help this condition. I have not noticed improvement in this area yet. I do know that I was feeling a lot better on the Lipothiamine and wondering whats the best course now in terms of supplementation given my situation.

My mother’s cancer doctor mentioned that it sounded like I had a major b12 deficiency and that I should try supplements. I did and it worked for a time, giving me improvements, but there was still residual numbness. Which gradually got worse. When I first came across all this info on thiamine I started supplementing and the worst of my mental confusion, nausea, loss of appetite went away within a few days. I stopped the B1 because of gut pain and the symptoms increased again, I then restarted the B1 and they decreased again. (Unfortunately I had been supplementing for a bit before performing the test but intermittently) I am now using the Authia cream since I struggle with oral supplementation. I have noticed that I feel really tired after applying the cream for most of the day. I seem to remember reading that this would also suggest deficiency as otherwise supplementing would have no effect. Well, I later learned that it’s carbs that trigger me too, 2 years in. Since quitting carbs, I’ve regained an incredible amount of feeling in my body, though this leaves my food choices quite limited. Diabetes mellitus-related morbidity and mortality is a rapidly growing healthcare problem, globally. Several nutraceuticals exhibit potency to target the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus. The antidiabetic effects of compounds of garlic have been extensively studied, however, limited data are available on the biological effects of a certain garlic component, allithiamine. In this study, allithiamine was tested using human umbilical cord vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) as a hyperglycaemic model. HUVECs were isolated by enzymatic digestion and characterized by flow cytometric analysis using antibodies against specific marker proteins including CD31, CD45, CD54, and CD106. The non-cytotoxic concentration of allithiamine was determined based on MTT, apoptosis, and necrosis assays. Subsequently, cells were divided into three groups: incubating with M199 medium as the control; or with 30 mMol/L glucose; or with 30 mMol/L glucose plus allithiamine. The effect of allithiamine on the levels of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), activation of NF-κB, release of pro-inflammatory cytokines including IL-6, IL-8, and TNF-α, and H 2O 2-induced oxidative stress was investigated. We found that in the hyperglycaemia-induced increase in the level of AGEs, pro-inflammatory changes were significantly suppressed by allithiamine. However, allithiamine could not enhance the activity of transketolase, but it exerts a potent antioxidant effect. Collectively, our data suggest that allithiamine could alleviate the hyperglycaemia-induced endothelial dysfunction due to its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect by a mechanism unrelated to the transketolase activity. Thiamin and folic acid deficiency accompanied by resistant electrolyte imbalance in the re-feeding syndrome in an elderly patient”A neurologist ran tests (MRI, nerve conduction) and said I didn’t have MS or a brain tumor. My blood tests were normal.

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