Chasing Hares (NHB Modern Plays)

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Chasing Hares (NHB Modern Plays)

Chasing Hares (NHB Modern Plays)

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Two new criminal offences: firstly, trespass with the intention of using a dog to search for or pursue a hare; and secondly, being equipped to trespass with the intention of using a dog to search for or pursue a hare both punishable on conviction by an unlimited fine and/or up to six months’ imprisonment. I’m afraid you’re trying to run before you can walk. You can’t give your new 3 year old terrier free rein in your big garden and expect her to behave. Even after ten weeks you will have little value for her and she won’t recognise you as someone to be considered as worthy of taking advice from. It’s little wonder she ignores you and does what she wants. You and your dog have incompatible requirements. You want to go for a run and your dog to come with you. Your dog, like most dogs, finds just running for long distances very boring and is going off doing what he enjoys, which is hunting. Hunting is great fun and he can do it without any input from you. You therefore become surplus to requirements, so he doesn’t listen to you. Also how do I get him to stop chasing after hares and roe? When I am shooting pigeons he will sit beside me with no problems. Although the running in is a major problem to you, to him it is just another of those little things that he probably gets away with on a daily basis. So I would take a look at everything you do with him and demand 100% response as soon as a command is given.

The story has some too-neat parallels between West Bengal and the UK and it is perhaps too sentimental in its ending, but this is easily forgiven when weighed up against its emotional power and intelligence. Hare hunting was made illegal in 2004 under the Hunting Act however it still takes place illegally in many counties. There is so much else to like: Bury That Bone by a homeless cur named Captain (Tom Peters) is a shaggy-dog song in which to wallow; there is a particularly charming cameo by a dancing pink poodle (Courtney George); and all of the children in the show perform beautifully. Even if the tale that wags this dog is slight, it cannot spoil this dottily enjoyable show, directed by Timothy Sheader. Chasing Hares is a love letter to this movement, to the power of ordinary people working together, collectively, to the power of storytelling to affect change."

The starting point for the play was seeing the employment precarity my extended family in West Bengal have experienced for decades start to become the norm here, in the UK. The resistance to this 'uberisation' of work in the West also echoes the struggle my uncle and others have faced as organisers and trade unionists in Kolkata over the years. I wanted to explore the complexities of fighting to retain your dignity - and your income - in the face of indifference from employers beholden only to market forces. The impact this has on your soul, your imagination, your safety, and your family. How transgressive it is in this environment to care about others as much as you care about yourself. His brother, is catching on, on his ‘games’ but is not quite as athletic so can’t keep up. Nonetheless, the two of them will go mad at the lawn mower, or at kids on skateboards, or any other moving object (it’s not even a chase, it’s a bark like mad, and if off-leash, sprint and sniff the scared skateboarders). Archie’s previous home was apparently very noisy as three generations of the family lived there aged between 3 years, and 75 years of age. Archie wasn’t well liked by the older generation but got loads of fuss and cuddles from the young children. He was put up for homing as he was too demanding for the owners who had little time to spare for him The answer lies in internal reinforcement. Dogs inherit instinctive behaviour that is too complex to be learned by every generation. You don’t have to teach a dog how to dig, he doesn’t learn to lift his leg to pee, they are instinctive actions, called “motor patterns” by ethologists.

There are many ways to build up your own attraction and to engage your dog whilst out, but it will involve some training for you both. You can find details in my books, Guide & Control and Stop!The rescue I got him from is suggesting a Gencon or any other muzzle harness to being able to control him as there is little hope to desensitise him from cats. Speaking to animal behaviourists, they also think it’s a very difficult thing to do – where do I find a fake cat or a real cat to help him out? I find mouth harnesses hard to accept, in my view they don’t fix the problem of him choosing to stay with me over chasing cats. Any thoughts? Occasionally, your dog won’t chase the first toy, waiting for the second. Don’t reward that with the second toy, but send them on, going with them to find and play with the first one if necessary. You control the game; don’t be manipulated by your dog.

In fact, all five members of the cast are uniformly excellent; director Milli Bhatia performed a similar feat with seven methods of killing kylie jenner at the Royal Court. Between Bhattacharyya’s forceful storytelling, Bhatia’s steady hand at the helm and designer Moi Tran’s set of concrete walls and revolving platforms onto which Prab’s stories are projected in immersive shadow play, Chasing Hares is a convivial and enlightening night at the theatre despite its heartbreaking conclusion. Having read your article I am going to give your advise a try. She is being restricted to lead only walks. I now realise that she needs to fulfill her chase desire and will introduce a toy indoors and proceed from there. Hare coursing gangs inflict fear and suffering on their targets - the hare - but our rescue teams have also seen many dogs, used for coursing, coming into our care having been injured during the sport or abandoned when their owners no longer have use for them. This new legislation will give police and the courts more powers to end this cruel practice and the suffering it causes.If you’ve had her for only four months you will not have a stable relationship just yet, so that is the place to start. You can’t train until you have the right relationship. I would suggest a very strict Guide and Control (see my book). It doesn’t matter if she is well behaved indoors, that’s the place to start. Once you have your relationship you can start with basic obedience exercises, for reward. I came across your article whilst searching the net on ideas to solve my problem. I’ve had dogs for 40 years but never had one with a high prey drive. I am planning on buying your book but until it arrives am I doing the right thing?

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