The Punishment Spanking, The Pegging And The Chastity Cage: Strict Femdom From The Dominant Blonde

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The Punishment Spanking, The Pegging And The Chastity Cage: Strict Femdom From The Dominant Blonde

The Punishment Spanking, The Pegging And The Chastity Cage: Strict Femdom From The Dominant Blonde

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I know love, I know. You are going to be my husband and I love you. Behind every great man is a great woman. I will be your great woman. And when you don’t live up to your commitments I will spank you. Do you understand?”

After another furious burst she slowed the pace and made sure every inch of my bottom was thoroughly reddened. From the tops of my cheeks to halfway down my thighs, she made sure I was beet red and ready for the bench. She had never paddled me this long or this hard before and I began begging her to stop. It is amazing the camaraderie that develops between DWC folks. At Debby’s insistence I invited Don out for a game of golf. We were awkward with each other at first but then soon conversation flowed easily. Even though we didn’t speak of the other day there was an obvious bond between us. Don and I have become good friends and we see them both frequently. Both Don and I know that when the four of us get together we will definitely be getting disciplined but wouldn’t have it another way. True friends like Sandra and Don are hard to find and well worth the “pain” and effort of keeping. Instantly Debby was beside me laying in with all her might. We were all getting spanked simultaneously! I was still reeling when the next women came to me and Debby went on to the next guy. By the time the third lady was taking her turn I had lost all self control and was whimpering and moaning, all the other guys were in the same boat and that just seemed to encourage the ladies efforts. When all the ladies had their turn we

A couple of weeks later Debby told me that Sandra met a man she likes and that they may be coming over some time. I’m not sure what to expect, but I know that Debby is in charge of the discipline in our house and I will be there no matter what. Once your man has become a bit used to chastity, and perhaps even to his regular schedule of releases, it is a good idea to take them away on a whim, either here and there or even as often as you like. It helps to keep firm in your man's mind that chastity and release aren't about simple reward and punishment. Chastity is about giving you everything that you want, sacrificing simply for your happiness, and putting you in the driver seat of every aspect of your relationship that you choose. Release dates are only guide posts, you are the leader. After drying off, I dressed in my uniform and walked into the living room where she was waiting to begin my punishment. She was sitting on the couch holding her small paddle and she smiled when she saw the condition I was in. “I don’t think you’re going to find this whipping all that exciting,” she said as I stood before her. “This one won’t be fun, but if you’re still hard when I’m finished, I just might make use of it.” Patting her lap she said, “you know where to go, don’t make me tell you.” It all started when Tyler admitted to his wife that he had self control issues, then asked his wife if she would consider a Female Led Relationship.

External Links - How to Cage Your Man | Picture Guide | Sarah Jameson | Elise Sutton | Rebecca Lawson | FLR Aunt Kay congratulated the ladies on their technique and specifically mentioned Debby for her use of position to help increase the emotional impact of the punishment. The aim of this wiki is to build an archive of chastity stories. The stories have been divided into 5 sections. Men kept in chastity by women(and vice versa), both lesbian chastity and gay men in chastity, as well as anything that doesn't fit into that category such as where you don't know who the keyholder is or where there are multiple ones. As I showered, I reflected on how I came to be in this predicament. After we were married we started telling each other our fantasies, and my favorite has always been a good, old fashioned, bare bottom spanking by a beautiful woman. She was hesitant at first, but once she started, she proved to be an expert. She even takes me out to the woods and uses a switch to blister my bare bottom. That’s two weekends, Buster. Say another word and your pants are coming down right here and now. I ought to wear you out.”To begin with, a suitably lubricated finger is quite sufficient to give your husband a taste of what it's like to have something alien inside him, which has the advantage that you can probe around to his evident discomfort and delight. You can also use the kind of toys you might enjoy yourself, provided they're not too large, although it's better to use something specifically designed for the male anatomy, for reasons we shall come onto shortly. Far more effective, however, is a strap-on dildo, which fastens around your body to allow you to engage in a more traditional style of intercourse. Not only do these do the business as far as your husband is concerned, there are also models featuring clitoral stimulation or a second dildo for your own pleasure, making strap-on sex the perfect choice for showing him what traditional lovemaking is like for a woman, being more likely to bring you an orgasm than him! Corporal punishment of the kind we've just been discussing has a certain element of humiliation to it, bringing with it a strange appeal that may be difficult to understand from a less sexually submissive mindset. In this, it is far from being alone - a man may derive similar pleasure from being put in his place in a more psychological manner, humiliated and degraded in ways that might seem bizarre unless one understands where he is coming from. Such humiliation can take many forms, from kissing your feet to having to clean the kitchen wearing nothing but his chastity belt, but it's the effect it has on his state of mind that's important rather than the precise details of the act itself. It certainly isn't about mere wanton abuse!

Lisa smiled and said, “Yes, well, in a few weeks we’ll BOTH enjoy that. But for now, just bend over the table, just like you did for your mom.”

Mike, this has to stop! You are not holding up your end of things here. It can’t go on,” insisted Lida.

Coaches demonstrate the task or have it demonstrated then guide from the sidelines watching the learner and continuing to participate in their learning. Coaching as a style should be authoritative. The reward is getting the coaching and getting to participate. Training your man with the dominant teacher approach

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Generally what you want your man to learn in your female led relationship and what he wants to learn are very different. You want him to learn to overcome his bad habits, work independently, find fulfillment in growing, gain confidence in your leadership and participate as your supportive follower. He want to learn how to serve your body, obey your commands, please you sexually, humble himself and learn what it is like to surrender. Because of the difference and size of the task at hand you must choose your targets. In management 101, when faced with a large number of tasks you must prioritize them, take the top ten and do as many as you can. Delegate where you can and just maintain a list of the ones that don’t get done. There is, however, the added complication of keeping both of you motivated.

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