Mackie CR3-XBT Active 3" Reference Monitors with Bluetooth Streaming - 50 W Bluetooth Computer Speakers perfect for Home Studios and Content Creators

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Mackie CR3-XBT Active 3" Reference Monitors with Bluetooth Streaming - 50 W Bluetooth Computer Speakers perfect for Home Studios and Content Creators

Mackie CR3-XBT Active 3" Reference Monitors with Bluetooth Streaming - 50 W Bluetooth Computer Speakers perfect for Home Studios and Content Creators

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The one issue I had with these was that I could not pair them to my iPhone through Bluetooth. It turns out that was my fault, or you could look at it as bad design. These are studio monitors with small subwoofers, so I wasn’t surprised to hear a bass roll off from around 80 Hz. This frequency is an octave above the lowest note of a bass guitar, or E2 on a piano. Anything below that simply isn’t there.

Traditionally, poly cones are made through a process of thermoforming, where the cone is heated until soft, before being formed by vacuum pressure. Overall the sound could have been a 'bit more tigher' plus needs better clarity and separation on higher volumes IMO. Specially designed waveguide delivers unmatched clarity and sound dispersion at all listening levels This is all complimented by custom-tuned rear ports, leading to balanced, smooth bass extension, alongside a meticulously designed waveguide. This results in unrivalled sound dispersion and clarity at every kind of listening level. Handy Controls & ConnectivityThe instructions tell you to hold down the Bluetooth button until it starts blinking green. Unfortunately if you just press the button without holding it, the light blinks green anyway. Even though the blinking green looks exactly the same, you are not actually pairing. I did not know this.

EDIT: I really appreciate all the help from yall. Probably shoulda mentioned i'm not really an engineer, im a rapper, i just started to mix my own vocals a little bit here and there. Im not that into it honestly but it makes things easier sometimes. I was surprised by how full and punchy the sound was. There’s also a lot of clarity in the highs and mids. As long as I was in the sweet spot, the stereo imaging was much more accurate than I expected for the price. By way of specifications, the CR3‑X covers the 80Hz to 20kHz (‑3dB) range, which is very respectable for such a compact speaker. Per pair, they have a peak level of 97dB SPL, which is loud enough for comfortable close‑up monitoring. The amplifier section is Class‑A/B, and can deliver 50 Watts of peak power. There's a nice sense of weight to the sound and the highs come over as detailed...I got a new set. I still couldn't pair them. Not believing the two sets would be bad, by chance, I decided to hold the button down. After several seconds, the same green circular light blinked, but this time the speakers showed up on my iPhone. I have a recording studio for my voice over work and these are perfectly fine. I've heard criticisms that the bass is a bit weak. Is that because we have been taught in the last decade that unless you're almost damaging your ears with bass that your speakers have weak bass? I found the bass to be acceptable and in general, even with music, these sound pretty good to my ears. But, they are not Genelec monitors and don't claim to be. There may be better studio monitors out there, but these also cost a lot more, and may be better suited to audio engineers. Ultimately you need to find studio monitors whose speakers deliver a flat sound within your budget. They’re also a good choice if you need high quality, easily portable speakers for location recording – they’re the perfect size for putting in a bag. They’ll also suit anyone composing music, programming midi parts or undertaking other pre-production work.

Crafted from an all-wood cabinet, this construction decision benefits the sonic character of the monitors, ensuring a superior sound when compared with plastic-based counterparts. It's bolstered by a .75" ferrofluid-cooled silk-dome tweeter and a 3" polypropylene-coated woofer. These help to deliver 50 watts of clean and precise stereo audio. Although I wouldn’t class these as reference studio monitors with a flat response, there was enough low end energy to get a good idea of what was going on. If the speakers lean in a direction, it’s definitely toward the highs, but things never sound thin nor brittle—these are a flat response-style, accuracy-focused studio monitors. There’s still some sculpting here and there, but it’s subtle—the high-mids and low-mids are perhaps pushed forward just a bit. But the PreSonus Eris E3.5 also has treble and bass controls, so you can tailor the high and low frequencies to the acoustics of the room.

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When seated in the sweet spot, the stereo imaging was quite wide and revealing. Although the bass was thin on the ground, and what was there wasn’t 100% accurate, there was enough bass energy to get a feel for what’s going on in the mix. The CR3s xbt is pair of good multimedia speakers that sound very clean. They are NOT really meant for pro level work, however beginners can consider them as it is well suited for someone on a tight budget. Bluetooth được tích hợp cho phép phát nhạc không dây từ điện thoại thông minh, máy tính bảng hoặc máy tính hỗ trợ Bluetooth. Since 1982, PCMag has tested and rated thousands of products to help you make better buying decisions. See how we test. You might have come across the PreSonus Eris E3.5 while researching the studio monitor market. These studio monitors also have excellent sound quality and a similar range of features, including the volume knob and headphone output.

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