The Mediumship Training Deck: 50 Practical Tools for Developing Your Connection to the Other-Side

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The Mediumship Training Deck: 50 Practical Tools for Developing Your Connection to the Other-Side

The Mediumship Training Deck: 50 Practical Tools for Developing Your Connection to the Other-Side

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Mediumship is neither scary nor dangerous, and is in fact it very natural. Our passed loved ones want to communicate with us, to guide and support us. They want us to know that we are never alone and to have trust in our journey. The Spirit World comes to us only in love and will never harm. In this advanced mediumship training class, you will be taught to bring in those crucialsmall details using the tools available to you: clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. You will develop and hone the accuracy, depth and scope ofyour delivery as a medium. Direct voice is another rare type of physical mediumship that gained popularity in the 1850’s with the rise of the spiritualists movement. Typically at a seance a highly trained trance medium would sit and at times the voices of the deceased could be heard by attendees of the seance. Oftentimes the medium would use a trumpet (a cone made of heavy paper or metal used in physical mediumship) and this was meant to amplify the sound. claircognizant ('clear knowing') psychics simply know. If you ask the claircognizant psychic, 'How do you know that?', they will respond, 'I just do!' Try a variety of visualisations to find the one that works most effectively for you. It is essential to keep yourself protected because this helps you maintain your own vibration and it insulates you from the energy, moods and influences of others. Trust yourself

Anthony Kesner is an excellent teacher who strongly supports is students and does all he can to help them develop." In learning how to become a spiritual medium, it's crucial that we relearn how to trust our intuition. In fact, learning how to trust yourself is one of the most important things you can gain from attending the College's psychic and mediumship developmentclasses. As Senior Mediumship Tutor Gerrie March says, this self-trust can have many advantages for you in your everyday life. When we start trusting the information – the guidance – that comes through for us, we'll discover that our life starts to change. The more we develop that self-trust, the more information, guidance and insight will come to you from your guides and helpers. This will serve you in making positive changes. Exercise: Develop trust Now that we have established that you are naturally psychic, how do we actually become a psychic medium? Recognition is your first step. Any programme of serious psychic development must begin with the recognition that you have psychic ability. For some, this ability might be just a tiny inkling of one of Ivy Northage's psychic signs listed above. While for others, it might be a more heightened awareness of your abilities. Whatever your level right now, it is important at this stage to admit to – and own! – your psychic potential. Affirm to yourself, with assurance, that you have some degree of psychic ability. This is your first step to becoming a psychic medium. Exercise: Affirm your psychic abilities Often referred to as a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Medium or Spirit Medium, Evidential Mediums will offer evidence to clients of their passed loved ones to provide evidence that they continue to live on and be part of their lives here on the Earth plane.When you have decided to become a psychic medium, you must recognise that you have chosen a vocation of service. You have chosen to willingly offer your gifts in service to uplifting your those around you. Ivy Northage recalls St Paul's Corinthians:13, in that anything done without love is valueless. Be sincere that you have a gift, and that you wish to use it on behalf of your fellow beings. There is no ulterior motive, here. Being a psychic medium is not about establishing power or gaining respect and influence. Rather, it is about the upliftment of humankind, and making a positive contribution. As soon as you have adopted the affirmation: 'Whatever gifts or potential I have, I want to use them to benefit others,' then your journey to becoming a psychic medium begins in earnest. Your helpers and spirit guides have been waiting for this moment! There is a time and a place We don’t need to invest money into crystals, plants, tarot cards, or expensive items. Your intuition and innate wisdom are not dependent on the presence of a crystal. They are simply a beautiful yet optional part of complementing your physical space. Let your body and intuition guide you toward what feels right for you. Channeling can have different meanings but typically refers to the blending of someone here on the earth plane with a divine being, energy, or Spirit Guide. Many creative people report feeling as though they are channeling or being influenced by a higher power when they are in the flow of creating artistically. Being open to channel means being open to the influence of a higher power and welcoming that influence into your space. New Age practices have popularized crystals, tarot cards, flowers essences and other “tools of the trade” however the only thing needed to practice mediumship is you. Your Spirit, the eternal part of you that is all loving and connected with all life, is all you need to connect. The source of the power that it takes to practice mediumship is the love each of us have within us. I am a huge advocate of connecting with like-minded people and finding a safe space to practice and develop, however I believe that all that is truly needed is you and your Spirit Guides to learn mediumship.

All over the world, occultists, seekers, and mystics admire and collect crystals. They are one of the easiest ways to bring something beautiful and living into your space. They are alive and, like plants, have an aura—an energy that can be felt by highly sensitive and intuitive people. Crystals not only enhance the beauty of a space, but they are also healing. Suggestion to develop a spiritual practice that supports your intentions: Sit in front of your altar (or a special place in your home where you keep candles or spiritual items) for a few minutes a day and speak your intentions out loud as you light the candles. Mediumship became popular in the 19th-century after the rise of the religious movement of Spiritualism in the UK. Spiritualists believe the each of us has a Spirit that lives on in the afterlife to progress and evolve and that the Spirits of the deceased wish to communicate with the living. Much of this article was adapted from a lecture presented by Ivy Northage at The College of Psychic Studies called What Defines a Psychic Medium? To learn how to be a psychic medium, our beginner courses are a great place to start. Someone who specializes in animal communication will typically be able to communicate with both living animals and pets that have passed. Many Evidential Mediums will also communicate with animals, it is common for me to connect with all types of animals in my sessions with clients. If you are interested in connecting to pets you’ve lost, be sure to ask the Medium you're thinking aboutworking with if connecting with pets is a specialty of theirs.

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Clairgustance means “clear tasting.” A Spirit person may communicate to you through Clairgustance to convey evidence of their likes or dislikes in food or other things that may be tasted, for example a cigar, special drink, or spices that link to their unique culture. The spiritual community is vast with practitioners from all cultures and varying beliefs systems. Some common types of Mediums that serve the public today are Evidential Mediums, Animal Communicators, and Trance Mediums, to name a few. Clairaudient means “clear hearing” and refers to the ability to perceive energy through hearing sounds, voices, or music. Clairaudience may be subtle—sometimes it feels like you are hearing your own thoughts, or maybe your own voice. Objective clairaudience hearing voices, music, thoughts outside of the mind is also possible.

Clairvoyant or “clear seeing,” in mediumship or intuitive work, refers to seeing or perceiving information through images or visions. Clairvoyant images may appear in the same space as your imagination but will be clearer and easily recalled. There is also a rarer type of clairvoyance called objective clairvoyance where mediums may see objectively—outside their mind—with their physical eyes.” You have chosen a wonderful journey of awakening and development, and as College Tutor Maria Antoniou says, you can never stop learning! There is always room to grow, to develop, to learn something new. Our online courses in psychic training and mediumship development celebrate this! We look forward to helping you discover gifts you never knew you had. Today in the U.S., mediumship is more closely linked to the wellness industry and the practice is used as a healing modality to bring peace and comfort to the grieving or those who are looking for life guidance. Mental mediumship is communication to spirits through the mind of the medium. Much like evidential mediumship, the medium will blend their mind with that of the spirit communication to relay evidence and messages to their loved ones that are still here on the earth plane. Many people use this term to differentiate mental mediumship and emphasize it’s conversation like nature from trance mediumship or physical mediumship. I dislike the term mental mediumship and feel it’s not accurate because this type of mediumship although it may seem “mental” is an expression of the soul and mediums actually work very hard to keep their conscious mind from interfering in their mediumship. The term evidential mediumship or psychic mediumship I find much more helpful in explaining how I work. Do this each day for at least ten minutes. This daily practice will help the Spirit World attune to you, as well as help you to develop the discipline of mind needed to practice mediumship. Bookmark this guided meditation on YouTube to complete the practice on your own: meditation to connect to your spirit.We will not be recording these classes. One of the unique aspects of the College's online courses is that they are highly interactive. Participants are encouraged to discuss and share with the tutor and the group. These sharings can be very personal, and some may not feel comfortable with them being recorded. If you need to miss any sessions, your tutor will be happy to offer a brief outline of the material covered. A Mediumship Development Circle is a dedicated practice space for the development of mediumship. The circle leader or teacher is responsible for guiding participants and ensuring that everyone participates in a kind and authentic manner. Typically, a portion of the time is dedicated to sitting in the power. Sitting in the power in mediumship looks like meditating, however it feels very different. In mediumship, sitting in the power means connecting to your own Spirit, your own love, and being in the presence of the Spirit World without any agenda other than attunement. Practice circles may meet weekly online or in person. I teach an online Mediumship Development Circle that meets biweekly and a development circle that meets every week in person. The Sprit World is not limited by time and space and online circles are a great option if there isn’t a development circle in your local area. In a private mediumship reading, the Medium will usually begin by explaining to you how they work and letting you know what you may expect to happen during your session. An evidential Medium will then begin communicating with your loved ones who are in spirit and presenting you evidence of their personalities and lives here on Earth. Be sure to ask your Medium questions that'll dig deep and really uncover the answers you're looking for.

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