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Yes for Wales Ltd also noted the fact that there isn't a similar umbrella group that unites those on the No side, again a fair comment.

If Leanne Wood, who is supposedly dedicated to Welsh independence and democracy feels comfortable providing financial support to a political group that seeks.. We can accept, what appears to be the inevitable, that despite 1000+ years of resistance to being assimilated into England, that the battle is now lost; by continuing to vote for what have become the English Nationalist Labour party or English Nationalist Tory Party, or we can make, (what might be the very last stand for the future existence of Wales) and vote en-mass for Plaid Cymru in 2016 to secure a future for our Nation by having a government that puts Wales First!

Immigration is a huge factor in my political outlook, the immigration of English people into Wales; many of whom import their racist policies with them, and make UKIP and its intolerance of indigenous Welsh people and our acceptance of others into part of their political diatribe.

He was an evil pederast who got away with his crimes in the same way that Jimmy Seville did; by nobody believing a word against him because he was a nationalist rather than a national hero. I reported his assault to the police and they asked me if I had an erection whilst I was being assaulted, I innocently answered yes and because of that they claimed that I was a willing partner and that I could, myself, be charged with public indecency. A couple of days ago I made a post on my Welsh language blog Hen Rhech Flin entitled Anabl i Fwynhau Sioe'r Nadolig (Unable to Enjoy the Christmas Show). The post noted the difficulty that I, and other people who are hard of hearing, have at this time of the year because few school halls in Wales provide loop systems for hearing aid users. As school halls are public buildings and are subject to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, all of them should have such basic "access" equipment as standard. With regard to the case in Pembrokeshire, I rather suspect some dodgy shenanigans there. Keith was a member of the Labour Party and the Mayor of Pembroke at the time.." Not a single Plaid AM, Cllr or MP has opposed this disgusting waste of public funds, while many have slavishly supported it. In a sense this represents the nationalists "clause 4" moment. Should billions be spent on war or public services? Plaid chose war! Dafydd y Dug is the main reason why I hate the term homophobia as a general term. I had a genuine reason for my phobia / fear, and dealing with that fear has been a long and painful process. My phobia is not a made up euphemism for general disagreement with the gay rights movement (with whom I tend to agree), but overcoming my genuine fear has been a bloody difficult process.No socialist would be seen dead on Wall Street, but given that Plaid is a party whose economic strategy is based on courting foreign multinationals, Plaid's attempts to build links with the US capitalist elite are not unexpected. I don't agree with much of Millar's religious or political beliefs, but I respect his right to hold them. If Asghar Ali, Yasser Mahmood, Mohammad Ashgar or Tunji Fahm, Muslim candidates in this election, were ridiculed or condemned for their religious beliefs the same people who are now criticising Darren Millar's religion would be up in arms. There seems to have been a lot of reaction (links below)to comments supposedly made by Conservative candidate Daren Millar: creationism should be taught in schools and that homosexuality is a sin. As is to be expected most of the comments have been predictable, pouring scorn and abuse on Mr Millar because he dares to hold a Christian view point in what is fast becoming a secular fundamentalist society.

He spent much of his pre-graduate life behind walls and in cages for the protection of society, and much of his later life doped in self-administered sedation. David, the CPGB doesn't advocate a one-party state. You appear to have misinterpreted the following paragraph in the CPGB's 'What we fight for' statement: Ifan Morgan Jones has made an interesting post on his blog on why he thinks Plaid Cymru should move to the centre-ground, I have left a comment there on why I think he's wrong. Firstly is that one day all of us. as individuals, will have to give an account of our lives to the LORD Jesus Christ. It will be his decision as whether or not we enter the rest, peace and joy of heaven, or everlasting punishment in hell.


I had a YouGov survey today that asked about voting intentions and issues that would affect my vote. One of the questions caused me some difficulty, a question about whether "immigration" is an important factor in the way I vote; it is, but not in the way that a British polling company like YouGov could appreciate. Last night I attended a performance of my children's school's annual Christmas show. A performance of the musical Annie. It was a brilliant performance, all of the children showed what a wealth of talent we have in Wales. A couple of the older performers showed that they have the ability to go far if they choose to follow a performing career. Look Ian, we are all human beings and deserving of dignity. But as the christian socialist RH Tawney once remarked, "What thoughtful rich people call the problem of poverty, thoughtful poor people call with equal justice a problem of riches." Whether one chooses to believe in it or not the creation story has had a huge influence on Western culture. Without knowledge of the opening chapters of Genesis one can't appreciate Milton's Paradise Lost, Ruben's Adam and Eve or even Jerry Springer the Opera. The creation story has also been of historical importance. It has been the basis on which libertarian movements have been built "all men are born equal" is a creationist ideal. Because Eve lead to the downfall of man the creation story is also important in understanding the misogynist tradition that blighted Europe for centuries. It is essential that children should be taught the creation and other important biblical stories because they are an essential element in understanding the cultural inheritance of believers and non-believers alike. Even in science lessons the fact that an alternate view to the conventionally held belief in evolution should be taught in the interest of educational impartiality and of general knowledge.

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