Harrows Supergrip Tweenie Dart Shafts, Polycarbonate Stems, Machined Rings, Purple (3 Sets)

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Harrows Supergrip Tweenie Dart Shafts, Polycarbonate Stems, Machined Rings, Purple (3 Sets)

Harrows Supergrip Tweenie Dart Shafts, Polycarbonate Stems, Machined Rings, Purple (3 Sets)

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Darts shafts come in a variety of different sizes such as mini, extra short, short, tweenie and medium, while brands such as Cosmo have a wider range available that are numbered from 1 (shortest) to 8 (longest). Does the choice of dart stem make a difference? Max (operated by Simon Grover/Matthew Lyons (some episodes); voiced by Bob Golding in the UK, James Rankin in the US) is a pink-skinned, middle-aged man who is one of the two managers of the playgroup of the Tweenies. He speaks with a Darlington accent. He loves animals, trains and exploring the outside world.

Theme Tune Roll Call: "I'm Bella!" "I'm Milo!" "I'm Fizz!" "And I'm Jake!" "I'm Doodles!" The American dub adds "And those are Max and Judy!" to this part when they are shown on screen. In November 2000, the Tweenies appeared on a few episodes of the show Top of the Pops, performing their single No. 1. Nice Mean And In Between: Jake is the nicest of the Tweenies, and Bella is the most prone to mean behaviour. Fizz and Milo are in between.While small in stature, a darts stem can still influence the dart overall and how it travels through the air. The size of your darts stem will impact the overall length of your dart, which, combined with different shapes of stems, will alter the trajectory of your darts and how they land in the board. Story Time - Max or Judy would read a story to the four children and dogs. To the viewer, this would be an animated interstitial. Christmas Episode: Had one of these per year. They usually attempted to marry the Father Christmas mythos with the Nativity Story. The Mission Darts Sabre range is a popular choice as they combine the lightness and strength of polycarbonate with the flight-grip of aluminium shafts. A Sabre dart stem is made from a strong polycarbonate material, but also feature an aluminium core and fixed top which helps enhance the grip of the flight.

In the US dub, News Time is called "Circle Time", which is the term most often used in American kindergarten classes. Telly Time is also called "Video Time", most likely because it looks more like a computer than it does a TV anyway (especially in the later seasons). Good Angel, Bad Angel: In one episode, Bella drives her friends away by getting angry at them for minor occurrences while she is trying to build a tent behind a curtain. A 'shoulder devil' version of herself appears, but then begins to lecture them on why they are not a Tweenie, but rather, a Meanie, complete with a short musical number. The material of the darts stem can also make a difference to the dart trajectory. For example, metal dart stems will be heavier than ones that are made of nylon or polycarbonate. While a slight difference, the choice of darts stem does alter the overall weight of your dart and can affect how it flies through the air. How to choose a dart stem that works for you Jake (operated by Samantha Dodd 1999–2002; voiced by Justin Fletcher in the UK, Colin O'Meara in the US) is a three-year-old orange-skinned boy with a blonde mohican. Being the youngest Tweenie, he sometimes feels left out and excluded from the other Tweenies' games when he is not big enough to join in. He is the kindest of the Tweenies and has a close bond with Doodles, often turning to him for comfort or advice when unhappy. He is also very sensitive, and is prone to tears and tantrums when frustrated. He sometimes gets words mixed up. He loves playing pretend, especially as his superhero alter-ego, Dotman. His favourite colour is green. His best friend is Milo.

Viper - Viper Viperlock Aluminium Dart Shafts - inc O-Rings and Locking Pin - Black & Purple

Doodles (operated by Alan Riley and John Tobias; voiced by Justin Fletcher in the UK, James Rankin in the US) is a red and yellow male dog. Doodles is a very friendly and calm dog. His favourite color is yellow. His voice is based on Scooby-Doo's voice. He loves going for walks with Max and can often be seen looking out for Jake.

Darts stems come in a variety of materials, types and lengths. Dart shafts are made from nylon, polycarbonate and aluminium. Dart shafts made of nylon or plastic are more common as they are a cheaper option, but as a result are less durable than other materials available and will need to be replaced more often. A dart shaft made of aluminium can be more expensive but will last much longer and will be less likely to be damaged during play. The fifth tour - The Enchanted Toyshop toured the UK in the Spring and Summer of 2007. It was the first Tweenies live tour to be solely produced by BBC Worldwide and the first to be shown in theatres instead of arenas. Bella (operated by Tamsin Heatley, Emma Quintin, Esther Collins; voiced by Sally Preisig 1999–2000, Emma Weaver 2000–2002 in the UK, Alyson Court in the US) is a five-year-old blue-skinned girl with blonde hair and a red hair bow. As the oldest and tallest of the Tweenies, she is bossy, domineering, and likes to take the role of leadership in the Tweenies' games. Sometimes she causes things to go wrong with her arrogance - for instance, in the episode 'It Wasn't Me', Bella accidentally breaks one of the strings from Max's marionette puppet despite everyone having been told not to play with it as it was "special", and she hides it in Doodles' bed and tries to blame him. Despite this, she always apologises for her wrongdoings eventually. Although Bella comes across as bossy, she has a caring heart and likes to help the younger Tweenies. Her interests include acting, dressing up, fairies and reading. Her favourite colour is red. Her best friend is Fizz. Four-Temperament Ensemble: The four Tweenies map up to each of the four temperaments rather neatly:Mission’s attention to detail has led to new and exciting levels of innovation in their products, such as the Mission Torus range of dartboard lights. The Mission Torus 270 has a unique 270-degree shape which gives you easy access to retrieve your darts during play, making it an ideal choice for young players. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Bella. She is very bossy and can be pretty mean sometimes but she really cares about her friends. The most recent tour - Top of the Tots, toured the UK in Early 2009 to celebrate the programme's 10th anniversary.

Tomboy and Girly Girl: Bella and Fizz were best friends. Bella wears overalls, is loud and bossy and likes playing sports with Milo and Jake, being in charge, and arguing when she doesn't agree with something, while Fizz wears a pink dress, is shy and more introverted and likes doing ballet, playing with stuffed animals, and dressing as a princess.If you have chosen the Express Courier option, we take every effort to ensure your items leave within 24 hours. However, during the busy season, this guarantee has to be extended to within 48 hours. The Tweenies each have their own unique personalities, which are designed to help children learn how to interact with others. Jake is confident and outgoing, Fizz is bubbly and energetic, Milo is mischievous but caring, and Bella is shy and sensitive. Together, they form a diverse group of friends who learn important life lessons through their adventures. How were the Tweenies created? Tweenies is a British live action puppet children's television series created by Will Brenton and Iain Lauchlan. The programme is focused on four pre-school aged characters, known as the "Tweenies", playing, singing, dancing, and learning in a fictional playgroup in England. They are cared for by two adult Tweenies and two dogs. Aesop Amnesia: Usually concerning the main cast, due to situations calling for some kind of conflict.

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